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We don’t have a junior resource training program. Instead, our philosophy is to attract and retain only the top talent. We stick to our core competencies and are guided by best-practice methodologies which are repeatable, measurable and flexible. As solution providers, we have also created long-standing partnerships with firms that have complimentary or specialty skill sets to offer our customers the best possible teams on the market.

Our consulting model is based on mutual trust and respect. We start by assigning one of nProdigy’s Senior Partners to each of our customers. Most other consulting firms use sales teams and account managers in this role but those individuals are incented by revenue, which is a very short-term perspective of partnership. At nProdigy, our Partners are responsible not just for the success of the initiative at hand but are dedicated to you for the life our relationship. Our experience is that having a Partner, and not just an employee, assigned to each of our customers ensures long and successful relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

Whether it be product evaluations, implementations, upgrades or simple staff augmentation, we have the experience to get it done right the first time and the commitment to make your initiative a success.

  • Average over 11 years of ERP product experience
  • Have executed 4 or more large scale projects in their respective industry verticals
  • Most have prior experience in industry positions
  • Many have prior experience as employees of PeopleSoft, Sungard, and ERP Oracle
  • Average over 14 years of experience, with at least 9 years managing ERP initiatives
  • Most hold PMP certifications
  • All have prior experience with Big 5 firms
  • Experienced in Change Management planning and execution
  • Hold Oracle certifications in their respective product lines
  • Bring structure to your development efforts, producing comprehensive, traceable documentation
  • Are experts in ERP technology, including the latest releases and tools (such as web services and component interfaces)
  • Are trained to mentor your internal staff
  • Many have functional expertise as well
  • Have extensive planning, administration and tuning experience
  • Are experts in PeopleSoft application, data security and audit ability