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Oracle Cloud

The concept of an “intergalactic computer network” dates back to the 1960’s and a man and scientists named JCR Licklider who worked at DARPA.  Licklider’s vision was that everyone around the globe could access data from anywhere, at any time, from any device.  Sound familiar?

Well, you may be more familiar with Licklider as the “Father of the Internet” but his vision did not stop there.  Early Cloud Pioneers such as Salesform.com® in 1999 and Amazon Web Services® (AWS) in 2002 showed us the way.

Then THE WORLD upgraded.

Servers turned virtual, data storage prices plummeted and Amazon released its Elastic Cloud computing (EC2/S3®) service, allowing companies to rent computing space as a service.  Enterprise Applications tried to keep up but we large and slow to realize the benefits of the newly available architectures.  Maybe they were just a “fad” after all or better for more “lightweight” uses?

Then, in 2009, Web 2.0 was introduced and giants like Microsoft and Google entered the Cloud market with apps like Google Apps® and Microsoft Office®.  Universal standards were adopted and high-speed bandwidth became widely available.  Now the Cloud computing concept started to truly gain momentum!

Then YOUR WORLD upgraded.

Your old on-premises hardware became virtualized.  Large ERP version upgrades became phased out with the Oracle’s new PUM continuous release model.  Oracle’s Fusion® backbone technologies became mature and…  Cloud ERP products hit the market!  WorkDay® and Oracle Cloud® go viral.

Cloudy with Blue Skies Ahead

If you are interested in moving to the Oracle Cloud®, give us a call. We are an Oracle Gold Partner with a significant experience in Fusion architecture and dozens of years of combined experience moving ERP functionality into hosted models and Cloud applications.  Your organization has significant challenges ahead of them including their future ERP support model, planning for feature release cycles and let’s not forget:

Our team can help you navigate these challenges and keep from underestimating the change management necessary to move to the Cloud.  We’re not claiming it’s early, but IT IS WORTH IT!

  • Infastructure as aService (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • ERP Cloud®
  • HCM Cloud®
  • SRM Cloud®