Jaggaer & Cloud Integrations 2018-03-24T02:31:37-04:00

Jaggaer & Cloud Integrations

In Higher Education, Public Sector and most recently the Commercial industry, NProdigy has teamed with Oracle and Jaggaer to deliver tightly integrated solutions. If you currently utilize your ERP system’s ERP functionality, you may be able to expand your solution to include a robust managed marketplace, electronic commerce and supplier diversity compliance. If you have not yet invested heavily in Oracle’s Purchasing functionality or your current processes are not working for your organization, Jaggaer may be the perfect P2P solution with which to compliment your ERP. Jaggaer is the leading managed marketplace solution in Higher Education and NProdigy has been partnering with Jaggaer since 2009 to tightly integrate their portfolio into your existing ERP systems.

We are Jaggaer’s partner for PeopleSoft integration.

NProdigy has some of the best interface experts in the industry and we’ve put them to work designing robust solutions that include error handling, full audit trails and business-facing interface monitoring. Our interface designs utilize the latest technologies to provide near real-time integration between Jaggaer and your ERP solution. Regardless if we build integrations for you or alongside your resources, we provide extensive documentation and knowledge transfer and a mechanism for extended hourly support should you need it.

Integration Function Model
PR Validation Validates Accounting in ERP
Validates Grant End Dates in ERP
Validates Budget in ERP
Full Suite
PO Export Load SciQuest Purchase Orders into ERP
Loads SciQuest Changes Orders into ERP
Full Suite
Account Sync Loads ERP Chart Fields into SciQuest
Loads ERP Chart Field Combinations into SciQuest
Loads Asset, Commodity or Custom ERP Values into SciQuest
Full Suite
User Profile Synce Loads ERP User Profile Info into SciQuest Full Suite
ADW Sync Loads Workflow Rule Derived from ERP into SciQuest Full Suite
Receipt Import Pulls receipt Inforomation from SciQuest into ERP Full Suite
Cart Punch-out and Return Creates Punch-out Connection Between ERP and SciQuest Sandwich
Invoice Export Loads SciQuest Invoices into ERP Both
Invoice Status Update Load ERP Payment Information and/or Third-party Invoice Image Links into SciQuest Both
Supplier Sync Loads ERP Supplier Information into SciQuest Both
TSM Vendor Export Loads Supplier Information from TSM (Supplier Portal) into ERP Both
XML Login Web Login to SciQuest Outside of ERP System Both